NFL Conference Championship Weekend!!!

So I was 3-1 this past weekend on my Division Championship picks.  Not bad considering the one game I missed could have gone either way and I actually had it right the week prior, but changed my answer based on the new timing of the matchup!  The bottom line is the Ravens could have beaten the Steelers.  The Steelers, as I predicted suffered a bit of the bye week blues, but they were able to recover in the second half, by wiping off the rust and going to town with their high octane defense.  Speaking of defense, the one theme I keep preaching is how the best defenses will always prevail, even over high performing offenses.  There is little argument that the four best defenses of the year are currently in the Conference Championship.  

So with no more delay, lets look at this week’s matchups:

Packers at Bears – no doubt the Bears have an awesome defense and one that has a true home field advantage, with the wintery conditions.  The problem for the Bears in this one is the Packers also have an awesome defense, perhaps even better than the Bears.  Not only do they have a top notch defense, but their offense is, in my opinion, much better.  I would trust Aaron Rodgers anyday over Jay Cutler and Rodgers has more reliable weapons.  The Packers are also use to playing in the outside conditions Chicago will offer and have already provern they can beat the Bears at home.  Despite this game likely being close, I give the Packers the edge and hold to my prediction that they will represent the NFC in this year’s Super Bowl.

Jets vs. Steelers – no one really believed the Jets could beat the Patriots after getting stumped in Foxboro this season, did they?  Yes, well I did and maybe I didn’t think the Jets could originally beat the Colts because they had some issues down the stretch, but it only took that one game for them to make a believer in me again.  Truth be told, I have liked the Jets as the AFC favorite since the start of preseason (My AFC Championship pick in August was Ravens vs. Jets).  They have some of the best defensive talent in the league and are led by a coach who made the Ravens defense what it is know for today.  The Jets are running on all cylinders and I am not sure the Steelers are going to stop them.  With that said, if anyone can stop the Jets, it is the Steelers because they have a very potent defense as well that could make things happen, especially against a younger quarterback like Sanchez.  Big Ben certainly has more experience in big games like this one, but I am still going to say the Jets pull this out and win the AFC, taking their show to Dallas for a shot at the grand prize.


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