The Dream Season

Yesterday’s Super Bowl wraps up another NFL season and how else can I define it for myself other than a Dream Season.  No, my Giants did not win the Super Bowl or for that matter, even make the playoffs, but what a run I had in ever other aspect.  

As a member of three different Fantasy Football Football leagues, I pulled off three championships, responding to my horrible playoffs let-down last year, when I went 1-3 in the Finals. 

Although I did not call it from the start of the season, I called the Super Bowl Champs from the start of the announcement of the playoff seedings.  In fact, I was almost dead-on in the NFC and if I didn’t over analyze the AFC so much and I left my original predictions alone, I would have been pretty dead on there too.   

To cap off the season, I also pulled off an office pool, when at the last-minute, I decided to take 5 blocks instead of my standard four blocks because I had a “gut” feeling.  The good news – Turns out that block was the final score; the bad news – the dog actually was the name I put in that box…I guess I owe him some biscuits.


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