Championship Weekend

Here we go…so I must admit, I bought into the Denver hype. I called the Ravens a possible X-Factor team in the Wild Card post, but I basically said hell would freeze over before they came out of Denver alive. Well, I introduce you to this year’s X-Factor team. I have personally experienced this script twice with the Giants already. A team that looks done, a team that squeaks into the playoffs and then a team that shocks the world. The Ravens have gotten healthy, hot and on track…at the right time. A team of Destiny – well, maybe, but more like a team that got it all together, at the right time. That’s what wins Super Bowls. Now onto this the Championship Games:

San Francisco @ Atlanta – I didn’t think Atlanta would beat Seattle. I am still not bought into this Atlanta team. I have San Francisco going all the way this year and I am going to stick to it. Their defense is arguably the best in the league and they have the most dynamic Quarterback out there today. Atlanta will put points up being at home, but I expect SF to come out on top.

SF – 27, Atlanta – 17

Baltimore @ Ravens – on paper, this is another easy one for New England. They should pick apart the Ravens defense and be able to run all day. The defense should also be good enough to slow the Ravens to a point where Brady can easily out match Flacco. With that said, I am not sure now that I buy into the paper matchup. Mr. X-Factor team has it all going for them, they are in a position of revenge from a game they feel was stolen from them last year and you get a sense that the script is already written for this one.

Ravens – 34, New England – 27


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