Wild Card Weekend 2013 – Part I

It’s that time of the year again and if the end of the 2013 regular season is any indication to how the playoffs will play out, we are in for an exciting month of football. So how do I see this weekend panning out – well, 4 teams will be moving on, while 4 will be going home – easy enough. But…which 4 will be going where? Let’s take a look at the match-ups:

Saturday Games

Chiefs at Colts – I had the privilege of watching Andrew Luck play in the playoffs last year against the Ravens. While the Ravens ultimately beat Luck, I was impressed with how he hung in there and gave them a run for their money. When Luck was drafted over RG III, I made the comment that Luck would win a Super Bowl before RG III. The bottom line is RG III is a better athlete than Luck, but Luck is a better QB. KC has the unfortunate pleasure of being one of the better AFC teams…that is in the same division as the best AFC team. As a result, they are rewarded with the wild card team tag and will head to Indy, where I believe they will meet their match – Andrew Luck. KC is a good team, but they are primed to be taken down in the first round, despite their strong season. Not only do they have to travel to Indy as the wild card team, but they are showing signs of decline with the 2-5 weak season ending finish. Unlike the Giants and Ravens, who got hot at the end of the previous two seasons and took that streak to the Super Bowl, KC is doing the total opposite. Look for this to be a close one, but I see Indy pulling off the win and heading to the division round.

Indy – 28, KC – 24

Saints at Eagles – As a Giants fan, I am not a big fan of the Eagles, but I think they pull this one off. The Saints are clearly a better team in the Superdome and they unfortunately, won’t be playing there. One could make the argument that the Eagles are the hot team this year going into the playoffs, but I make the argument that they just played a bad Cowboys team to squeak into the playoffs. The bottom line is the Saints defense is not that great, Brees isn’t super-human in cold non-dome stadiums and I am going to give the edge to the Eagles here.

Philly – 31, NO – 28


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