Wild Card Weekend Part II

Wild Card Weekend started off on a wild note, with the Colts making the second biggest comeback in NFL playoff history and the Saints pulling off the win on a final play FG. So how do I see today playing out?

Sunday Games:

San Diego at Cincy – being invested in the Ravens, I have the pleasure of following the AFC North a bit more than other divisions (outside the NFC East, of course). I have watched Cincy grow and become that playoff team they have wanted to be the last few years and while I am not sure they are Super Bowl worthy yet, they certainly have it in them to pull off a first round home game win. San Diego has been on a stretch winning streak to get into the playoffs, but they really didn’t impress me at home last week against a second string KC team. Cincy’s defense is better equipped to stop SD in it’s track and their offense will put enough points on the board to pull this one out easily.

SD 14, Cincy 31

San Fran at Green Bay – Aaron Rodgers is elite. He proved this against the Bears last week on a 4th and long to win the game. He will have the luxury of playing at home, where he hasn’t done so since his injury this year. With that said, SF has a much better defense and I will take a team with a good defense over a powerhouse offense any day. Look for an exciting game, but this one goes to SF.

SF 21, GB 17


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